To judge a perfume is, above all else, a matter of taste. Taste evolves under the influence of the environment, but this fact must not prohibit judging the environment. Taste evolves chiefly with the acquisition of learning, with the knowledge of facts and of aesthetic accomplishments, which makes it possible to analyze them and to provoke instructive comparisons. It is thus that each of us can progress along the road of beauty and of art. To deny the usefulness of this training would be like refusing to admit that a symphony is better appreciated after one has studied music. 

— Edmond Roudnitska - 1984 issue of Perfumer & Flavorist.

Scented #01  

Must de Cartier 

Top note: Galbanum, Mandarine, Neroli 

Heart note: Jasmin, Narzisse, Rose

Base note: Moschus, Vanille, Vetiver

Scented #02 

Dior - Hypnotic Poison 

Top notes: apricot, coconut, plum, allspice 

Heart notes: jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose, rosewood, tuberose 

Base note: almonds, sandalwood, vanilla

Scented #03 


Top note: ylang-ylang. 

Heart note: Damascene rose. 

Base notes: jasmine, sambac, sandalwood

Scented #04 - 

Ester Lauder - white linen 

Top notes: Bulgarian rose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley 

Heart note: Iris spice, violet, carnation, 

Base note: Amber, moss, vetiver

Scented #05

Nina Ricci - L’air du temps

Top notes: bergamot, carnation, neroli, peach, rosewood. 

Heart note: Centifolia rose, jasmine. 

Base note: iris, sandalwood

Scented #06

Aqua allegoria Rosa Rossa - Guerlain

Top notes: bergamot, litchi, black currant

Middle notes: rose, peony

Base note: woody notes

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